Saturday, April 2, 2011

a touch of narcissism?

After completing the first album in my Project 365... January thru March I posed a question.  If anyone had a favourite photo so far, I'd love to know which one and why.  Then a friend asked me why I needed to know... and it made me ponder the reasons.

This pictorial diary will definitely allow me to look at 2011 in incredible detail.  It's going to be a lot of fun looking back over this year in a very unique way. 

But I have to admit there has to be an element of what you might call ego stroking.  Isn't that what a lot of this social media thing is all about?  Sure, it's about connecting with people.  It's people watching to the utmost degree, which is always fascinating.  But aren't most blogs, unless they're purely factual, somewhat narcissistic?  Look what I'm doing... see how I think... aren't I interesting/funny/different?  

It's true, I love to ponder things in a very public way. It's wonderful getting other peoples' opinions on stuff.  I've always found it helps to get my thoughts in order when I write things down, even before the internet existed.  I used to do it when I wrote letters to Mum.  Admittedly, the response was never as immediate, but of course now Mum's no longer around anyway.  I used to email my brother too... he's always been a great source for the truth.  But Mike's so incredibly busy these days, he hardly has time to answer.  So, is all this social media I take part in, and this blog, a sort of substitute?  

With all this said, it's hard to believe that 92 days have passed since I decided to start this project.  It has been a very interesting ride so far.  I've found the most difficult thing has been keeping each photograph fresh and different.  I've had the occasional fail when I've realized late in the day that I hadn't yet posted a picture, but I've nearly always been able to come up with something!  Like the one I took in my bathtub... it's neat seeing which pictures get the most comments too.  

I'm going ahead and choosing three of my particular favourites and posting them here just for the heck of it.  Each one is chosen for completely different reasons... 

About halfway through this first album I realized I would have to start looking at the world a little differently to keep things fresh.  I think Photo #43 was the first one that succeeded on that level. It was a particularly grey day; it seemed like it had been raining for weeks, but training myself to see the world with different eyes made me look up... and I got this one.  For some reason I love it! 

Photo #45
Photo #85 is one of Zoe, chosen for the cuteness factor:
Photo #85
And last but certainly not least, Photo #18 just for being different...
Photo #18
And now I've started Project 365 - April thru June 2011 and from what I've posted so far, this is my favourite... just cos it's so damn pretty.
Photo #92