Sunday, November 7, 2010

sensuality... celebrating when life feels good

I've been going through the notes I've made on Facebook and came across one I wrote just over two years ago.  It was strange reading it again and having the feelings I felt that day come flooding back.  It was why I originally wrote it so it's worth repeating here I think... 

From September 29th, 2008.

All my senses seem heightened today... it feels like I've been plugged in to a charger, getting all fired up and ready to go.

Before my eyes even opened this morning I could feel it... I slowly stretched my body and gradually became awake and I could sense it was going to be a feel good day.

Everything seems to have an extra edge... like the morning sun streaming in through my bedroom window is extra golden, the crisp fall air as I walked along the beach and the salty smell of the seaweed reaches deep within... and I feel intense joy just watching my dog run and play in the sand. The sight of the sparkling North Shore mountains spread out before me is absolutely breathtaking. Yes, I'm so in love with this beautiful blue Vancouver day.

Even lunch was sheer perfection... a wonderful mix of tastes and textures... the delicate sweetness of roasted beets, the bite of the creamy goat cheese combined with crisp nutty pecans and the sharp citrus dressing on my salad was so incredibly sensuous. And the sultry sound of "Love is a Losing Game" over the speakers at the restaurant fit my mood exactly.

I don't know what else this day will bring... but I felt compelled to write it down for posterity... to preserve the mood, so one day I will look back and remember... life is good.

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