Sunday, May 8, 2011

To one of the most amazing Mums in the world...

This morning I thought it was time to do another blog.  I had one in mind... I was planning to honour my Mum on Mother's Day.

But the feelings I felt today changed my mind completely.  This blog is dedicated to one of the most wonderful Mums out there... my daughter, Karen.

I have watched this beautiful girl grow and blossom into the most amazing woman.  Karen never ceases to amaze me with her many talents.  And believe me, I should know.  I work with her every day so I see first hand exactly what she manages to accomplish on a daily basis.  She just blows me away sometimes.

When her boys came along ten years ago and the challenges they brought to her life, I've been constantly  impressed by her strength and capacity for love.  She is truly awe inspiring.  

I could go on talking about her accomplishments, which as I said are many, but I won't... I just know that my grandsons, Connor and Callum, will have some pretty fantastic memories to look back on when they are men.  And I sincerely hope they appreciate all she does for them.

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  1. It takes a good mum to appreciate another! Lovely tribute.