Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project 365... I'm almost done... but what is my next step?

I'm coming to the end of my photo project as described in two previous blogs. One I posted in January Project 365 and then in a touch-of-narcissism.  It started off being a very personal pictorial diary, but it's now much more than that... and I need your help.  I'm wondering how best to showcase the whole album.  I currently have the whole project split into four albums on Facebook, mostly because there was a limit of 200 pictures in an album.  I think it's still the case, but even if it wasn't, the thought of wading through all 365 photos in one album is still a little daunting.

The links to all four albums are here...

Here's one of my favourite shots from the first album, January thru March.  This one is my grandson, Callum at one of his soccer game taken on March 12th.
Click here for Part One - January thru March
Here's a shot that brings back so many memories of walks on the beach this summer with Zoe.  Here's one after a game on the beach taken on June 6th.
Click here for Part Two - April thru June
Here's one of my favourite shots taken at Gary Point in Steveston.  It just shows you what the iPhone can do!  And there's quite the story behind this one... a crippling back injury for one!  Taken July 2nd.
Click here for Part Three - July thru Septembe
And this picture was taken after I decided I needed to be a little more adventurous and I went from my iPhone to a more sophisticated camera, the Nikon D60.  It was hard to choose... but this is my favourite so far taken October 6th.
Click here for Part Four - October thru December
So... the time is almost here when I need to figure out the best way to preserve this whole project as one entity.  I'm tempted to put the whole thing in an Apple iPhoto Book, they really are terrific publications and it would make an awesome coffee table book.  But am I only going to print one?  Who else would be interested?

And if they are interested... how should I produce it?   As I said, I started this thing as a pictorial diary. The plan was to have collection of photographs, only of interest to me... but a very a unique way of recording a year of my life.

I've been playing around with iWeb, thinking that might be my answer.  But I'm leery about spending too much time on it.  Perhaps I should just put up in a separate Wordpress blog....hmmmmm.... still usure.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Any input would be REALLY appreciated!!

Thank you so MUCH!


  1. Definitely an iPhoto book for you because, ultimately, you did it for you! Could you produce a slide show via iPhoto and post, with music perhaps? mac makes slide shows so easy to do and that way it would be easy for you to share!

  2. Thanks, Chrystal! Yes, I'm definitely leaning towards an iPhoto book... it might take a while, but I think it would be such a cool keepsake. I haven't played around with the slide show yet, but I think I will.