Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why I'm walking with Lina's Ladies...

There are two very special people who are at the heart of my motivation to join Lina's Ladies to walk 60 kilometers again this August during The Weekend to End Women's Cancers fundraiser.
Lina & Linda Weekend to End Breast Cancer 2009

First and foremost I'm doing this walk for Lina Vassallo... dear sweet, strong Lina, who was the inspiration behind our "Hoofin for Hooters" team in 2009.  Lina lost her very hard fought battle with breast cancer on January 6th, 2011.  She was only 38.

I'm walking for Lina...

Another huge reason for me to be trudging the sweltering streets of Vancouver again this summer is to support my beautiful friend, Linda.  Linda was one of Lina's closest friends and has been devastated by Lina's death.  It will be so hard for Linda to do this walk again without Lina by her side, but she wants to do it... she needs to do it.  And I need to be by her side every step of the way.

I'm walking for Linda...

It's pretty obvious another major reason for doing the walk this summer is an enormous hope for the future... the hope that together we will raise enough funds to finally end this dreadful disease.  

Since 2004, $33 million has been raised by Weekend participants.  This has meant numerous advances in cancer research and care.  Every year proceeds continue to fund innovative research, treatment, and prevention programs for breast and gynecological cancers at BC Cancer Foundation.

I'm walking with the hope that one day all women will survive Cancer.  That all women will beat this disease and they will have the chance to see their children grow.

I'm walking for all women...

Walking is the easy part, but the part I need help with is the one that I find the most difficult.  The hardest part is asking people for money.  After all this time, we still need funds to help find a cure for cancer, so we will never have to feel the heartache of losing those we care about, ever again. 

Please be a part of my journey and visit my donation page... even the smallest donation would help my cause.

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  1. Beautiful post Lorna. I'm so proud to be a part of this journey, for Lina, for Linda, for all of us! I loved being your team mate the first time and I'm so pleased we get to do this, together, again.