Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yes... procrastination. It's not usually a problem with me.  Although occasionally I am guilty of leaving things until the last minute.  I work better under pressure.

But yesterday, being the first day of the New Year and all, I felt I should write something particularly significant for my first blog of 2011.  I thought about it long and hard.  I even went so far as writing a few things down... they're right here in my drafts, but nothing seemed profound enough to be deserving of such a lofty perch as 01/01/11.

Procrastination does have a place in this life.  It means that today I can write about anything I damn well please and not feel in the least bit stressed.

Therefore... should you be so inclined, watch this space for more ramblings...

Sunrise 01/01/11 - Taken by my hubby, Jim.

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